Warning: This URL has been blocked by Bitly's systems as potentially harmful - How to fix?

What is this Error?

To protect people from abuse or harmful content, Bitly will block a link when it is flagged as suspect or known to lead to a malicious page.

Why the links are getting blocked?

There are many reasons why they might investigate a link. 
  • A Bitly user or a blocklisting service has reported a problem with the destination page. 
  • Bitly has detected potentially malicious or inappropriate content. 
  • The destination link is hidden behind a link shortened through another service. 
  • The link may lead to a forgery of another website.

How to fix this Problem?

Follow the steps given below:

Step 01:

  • Copy the blocked link (eg. Bit.ly/#)

Step 02:

  • Click here or Go to https://unshorten.it/ and paste that bitly link

Step 03:

  • Now click on "Unshorten.it" button and copy the link under "Destination URL: "

And done... thats it, Enjoy!